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April 23, 2017


Welcome to my new site! While you may already be familiar with and some of the other websites that I own none of them truly speak on my services and the professional value that I can offer you and your business. Whether your an artist and your have a new mixtape or album, or if your a small business owner heading into your busy season, you should have an internet marketing strategy to help increase awareness and sales. Well, some of my tips might be helpful so follow along as I continue to learn and experiment myself, and hopefully with some audience engagement I'll get some positive feedback that'll help us all win.

So to kick things off I thought it would be helpful to point out the benefits of utilizing FaceBook Notes to strengthen your social media marketing strategy. Whether you want to use it as a blog with tips and tricks, a tool to help with specifically answering a common question, or maybe you want to promote a particular service that you offer, FaceBook Notes is a great way to do so. 


Check out my FB Note here to get a glimpse of what I mean. I've been so focused on getting this site up and running, fixing up the Search Engine Optimization and what not, that I haven't had the chance to create a second FB Note but I will try to get something up this weekend. Remember, it's technically just a note so it doesn't need to be anything too elaborate.


In terms of the content, I'll post it down below but check out the actual FaceBook Note so that you can get a sense of its visual layout.


Original FaceBook Note Posted April 4th 2017


Wow, yesterday was beautiful here in #Boston. The sun was shinning and birds were singing with the temperature in the 50’s. Considering the little snowstorm that hit #NewEngland on April Fools’ day I’ll take it!


Plus the New England Patriots won the Superbowl almost exactly two months ago, the Boston Celtics are in the number 1 position ahead of LeBron James and the #Cavs, and the Boston Red Sox won their season opener to kick off another World Championship Season. And despite all of this, it got even better ;)


While I was doing some research on the latest #SEO, Internet, and #SocialMediaMarketing trends, I stumbled across a #FaceBook Note and was reminded of this neat but underutilized feature - the Note itself. For some reason I never really considered using it until last night.


Most people don’t use FB Notes on their personal page and the same can be said about #smallbusiness owners and business pages. The general thought is that FB Notes are unnecessary since people can just post on their wall.


Well, you might want to consider using FB Notes as a beneficial tool to help strengthen your #SocialMedia #marketing strategy or more specifically your FaceBook campaigns. Unlike your regular wall post’s your FaceBook Notes are unique since they almost appear like their own customized landing page or blog post that allows you to:

  • share long-form content in a more pleasing format

  • add pictures

  • embed video

  • hyperlink to other websites

  • use hashtags

  • quotation sections

  • bullet points

  • bold your text

  • use italics on your text

  • choose where and when to use H1 or H2 title tag’s

  • add code

So if your marketing your #business, maybe your an #entrepreneur or owner of a flower shop or #restaurant, you might want to consider utilizing this tool as a neat way to mix it up and have a more bold or unique approach to your #FaceBookMarketing #strategy with a direct call to action, product listing, or maybe you just want to get more views or followers.


Well, FB Notes can help with keeping your viewers engaged for a longer period of time by writing these blog-like posts with pictures and videos. And using a #hashtag or two can help with promoting your content as well.


If you need help with your FaceBook marketing please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. You can view some of my services here.


You may not have the time to market your business on FaceBook or maybe you hate writing, well as Gary Vaynerchuk said during his interview with What's Trending at the 2017 SXSW festival, “I passed on that because I’m not good at writing. And if you can’t write your not gonna be successful at blogging”.


I get it, but it doesn’t make sense that you wouldn’t hire someone else to help with managing your social media marketing initiatives.


At the end of the day, whether or not you like writing is irrelevant because you should absolutely be using video content while relying on writing to help with search engine optimization. Check out these stats regarding social media and video marketing trends!


“Self awareness is a big part of this as well. You have to know what your good at and what your not good at. The amout of people that have started video shows because they heard video marketing is good but their scared to be in front of the camera and their awkward, thats just not a good strategy its not your normal place, you have to know yourself.”



I understand that most of you haven’t been marketing as efficiently as you could here on FaceBook and other social media platforms, I’m guilty too. But my excuse is that I’m pretty much just making the decision to get back into video production freelance work while also expanding into internet marketing.


At the root of my approach is social media so you’ll occasionally hear me refer to myself as a #SocialVideoProducer but we’ll save that conversation for another day. This post is about introducing you to the FaceBook Note feature and testing it out. I don’t even know if it shares in my feed or on my wall once I publish it?!? But either way, I kinda like it.


Well now that you know about this tool and what you may have been neglecting it’s time to make the most of it, otherwise, as #GaryVee said in this #interview, “dwelling on what you *ucked up on, is the quickest way for the next thing not to work”.


Facebook is a great way to engage with your customers or followers and target your audience or potential customers so I’d suggest figuring out a way to incorporate FaceBook Notes into your marketing strategy sooner than later.


This could be helpful for anyone that has something of value worth sharing with the world such as musicians or artists, store owners or consultants, teachers or accountants, you name it and someone probably has a question for you and needs your services. So if social media isn’t part of your monthly marketing plan you are slacking and we should fix that ASAP!


But alright enough from me for now, enjoy this Gary Vee interview from Austin 2017 at SXSW that recently came out. Just Gary preaching as usual and getting me motivated even at 10pm on a Tuesday night. Unlike yesterday, today’s weather was crappy but definitely still a good day since I was able to introduce yall to FaceBook Notes. Enjoy ~




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