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Internet Video Marketing Tips in 2017 | How to Cook Chicken Thigh and Tortellini Tutorial Video in 40 Steps

May 7, 2017


So to keep things rolling I thought I'd make a quick internet video marketing tips blog post to help anyone looking for ideas to help with increasing their brand awareness, especially marketers working for any local restaurants or pizza and sub shops. And of course this post will be helpful if your looking for the directions on to cook chicken thigh tortellini for tonight's dinner!


To be considerate of both audiences I'm simply going to direct the individuals looking for the step by step instructions to scroll down and you will see the 40 steps written out. They are also embedded into the video as well so you can watch and learn how a professional does it. The individual in this particular video is actually a chef over at Fenway Park home to the Boston Red Sox. But anyone can learn how to cook chicken thigh tortellini in the video down below. I created and designed this video in a very clear and simple manner so that you can read and watch each step necessary to make this dish which has only gained positive feedback thus far.


Now for any small business owners responsible for their own marketing and promotions or any marketers in general, you should absolutely consider creating some sort of training or how-to series that falls within your particular industry. First things first, you should clearly be using video Any sort of instructional informational video guide that allows your audience to benefit from your insight will be incredibly valuable for driving brand awareness, customer loyalty, and of course a demonstration of your expertise and authority so that you can truly speak on such subjects without having to worry about the haters and naysayers.


Whether you own a flower shop in Cambridge, your a landscaping and masonry company in Belmont, a rapper in Boston, or an Accountant in Somerville, you can leverage this marketing strategy to help increase your ROMI - return on marketing investment.


With this particular video I started to make a cooking series, which I may still run with by working with local restaurants now that I've settled down in the Medford area, but you can basically take a similar approach within any industry.


And you don't need to start a series but just start creating helpful tutorial or how-to videos. Blue Corona reports that 80% of consumers believe demonstration videos are helpful when making purchases. We want to see what we're getting or how to do it best. If you continue to be a person that appears to help resolve their individual problems they will trust you as a legitimate source.



And the best part about it is that you can have fun with it while helping others. The food in this video was absolutely delicious when we made it, and I also have this plate packed down so it's winning scenario and well worth the little investment if you do it correctly. Don't use your cook Vinny to film a video and hire some internship to edit, you'll only get what you pay for. But instead look for a local video production company or find an independent producer like myself or Dante Luna if your here in New England. To get the most of your investment, you should set up a small contract for multiple number of videos at a reduced price instead of paying for one video at at time which will be more expensive.

After you have completed your video you should be ready to implement some sort of marketing strategy to ensure that it gets viewed. Often times people spend all this time and energy on the product but neglect the marketing component. It's like independent rappers around the country, whom I love, but they spend pretty much all of their energy on the recording and having pictures with a video done and neglect the marketing component either because they didn't prepare for it or their burned out from doing everything themselves. Yes they'll inbox all of their connections on Facebook and other social media sites to view their content but that's usually it and clearly not enough.


So after you spend all that time and energy on your video, or the album from the rappers perspective, you should have some sort of plan that will help with getting your videos/ products seen. Expect to spend money! Another key finding from the Interactive Advertising Bureau said that "Advertisers are spending on average more than $9 million annually for their brand’s Digital Video advertising, representing a 67% increase from 2 years ago". Too many independent musicians or local small businesses don't want to spend enough money on marketing and think it'll get seen by word of mouth but it's a necessary investment that pays off when it's done correctly. 


If you need help with producing some sort of How To or Tutorial video like the one below, or help with promoting your video that you produced with another local video production company or producer, I'd be happy to help with driving awareness. Reach out to me here and let me know what your thinking, and we can find some time to speak. 




2017 How to make chicken thigh tortellini step by step instructions and tutorial video.

1- First season your chicken with a little salt and pepper (this is up to you)
2- Add some oil to the pan with medium high heat
3- After about a minute add some butter
4- Put chicken in the pan skin side down
5- Don't touch or flip until sides get some color and start to turn dark golden/ light brownish
6- Usually about 5-7 minutes, bone-in tends to take a minute or two longer
7- Flip and let cook for a few more minutes not all the way through since these are going into the oven

8a - If you ONLY want to COOK CHICKEN THIGH ALONE then you would pre-heat the oven to 425 and put them in for 20-25 minutes and then they are done. Enjoy your chicken thigh.
8b- If you are making the whole dish then you still have more steps but it's definitely worth it. Take the chicken off the heat and put it on the side for now. Make sure to save the chicken bits and greese to fry mushrooms and tomoteos

9- Cut up onion, garlic and if you want a little heat, jalapeno, and toss it all into a pot
10- Saute on medium heat for 2/3 minutes occasionally mixing and remove fom heat
11- Cut up muchrooms and saute in the chick bits and grease for 2/3 minutes
12- Remove from heat
13- Saute small tomateos in chicken bits and grease for 2/3 minutes
14- Add a little sat if you want.Cooking the tomateos until they start to get color and blister. Almost pop or bursting.
15- Remove from heat
16- Add onions and garlic mix back to high heat
17- Add 1 tablespoon of butter
18- Add 1- 1 1/2 tablespoon of flour
19- Mix it up a bit, want kind of pasty and thick
20- Once the bottom of the pan is covered with a pasty look, crank the heat up real high
21- Important to cook off the flour, before you shock the pan with wine
22- Add some wine of your choice, and feel free to be generous
23- Mix well, you want it to thicken up
24- Add at least 1-2 cups of chick stock and let the sauce sit and heat for a couple minutes until it begins to thicken up. Once it starts to boil you can turn the heat down a bit and let it do its thing might take 10-15 minutes
25- Start to cook the pasta - boil water in large pot and add salt and pasta
26- Do not cook all the way since going in the oven so only cook for about 7/8 minutes
27- Back to the sauce, add some cream and mix well. Continue to let cook.
28- Empty pasta into a strainer and let sit for a minute before adding it to the sauce
29- Add pasta to the sauce and let it continue to cook
30- Turn oven on to 350 degrees 
31- Put the chicken that was on the side into the oven at this point and cook for 10 minutes
32- Add mushrooms into pasta and mix well
33- Add tomatoes into pasta and mix well
34- Add some cheese... Pepper Jack first and then Mozzarella Cheese second
35- Make sure pan doesn't have a rubber handle
36- Put the pasta in the oven with the chicken thigh
37- Chicken will finish first. It should have a nice golden brown haze to it, roughly 15 minutes and then remove 
38- Turn up the heat to about 375 degrees
38- Pasta will cook for about 8-10 more minutes until top layer starts to get a little crispy and puffy 
39- Remove from heat and make a nice dish starting with the pasta and adding the chick thigh on top. Finish it off by adding some of the pasta sauce over the chicken and pasta
40- Say thank you and enjoy!


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